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The Gastric Bypass surgery is considered by the American Society of Bariatric Surgeons and the National Institutes of Health to be the gold standard of weight loss surgery — and the single most successful procedure for excess weight loss and long-term weight control. A combination restrictive/malabsorptive operation, it is the operation of choice for most Bariatric surgeons in the United States. Studies show the Gastric Bypass has some patients more than 15 years post-surgery and maintaining about 75% of their excess weight loss. Now, with modern refinement of the operation, there are many patients losing 85% to 100% of their excess weight and keeping that weight off.

•  With the Gastric Bypass you will stay 3 nights in the hospital and the surgery is done laparoscopically.
• The Gastric Bypass will help lower your blood pressure, eliminate type 2 diabetes, lower your blood sugars, improve your sleeping.
The Gastric Bypass works by creating a small pouch for a stomach allowing the patient to feel full quickly and it also process most of the food in the intestine, allowing for most of the calories to bypass the body.


The Gastric Bypass is not right for you if:

• You have an inflammatory disease or condition of the gastrointestinal tract, such as ulcers or severe oesophagitis.
• You have severe heart or lung disease that makes you a poor candidate for surgery.
• You have some other disease that makes you a poor candidate for surgery.
• You have a problem that could cause bleeding in the oesophagus or stomach. That might include oesophageal or gastric varices (a dilated vein). It might also be something such as congenital or acquired intestinal telangiectasia (dilation of a small blood vessel).
• You have portal hypertension.
• Your oesophagus, stomach or intestine is not normal (congenital or acquired). For instance you might have a narrowed opening.
You have experienced an intra-operative gastric injury, such as a gastric perforation at or near the location of the intended band placement.
• You have cirrhosis.
• You have chronic Pancreatitis.
• You are pregnant. (If you become pregnant after the Lap-BandŽ System has been placed, the band may need to be deflated. The same is true if you need more nutrition for any other reason, such as becoming seriously ill. In rare cases, removal may be needed.)
• You are addicted to alcohol or drugs.
• You are under 15 years of age.
• You have an infection anywhere in your body or one that could contaminate the surgical area.
• You are on chronic, long-term steroid treatment.
ˇ You cannot or do not want to follow the dietary rules that come with this procedure.
ˇ You might be allergic to materials in the device.
• You cannot tolerate pain from an implanted device.
•You or someone in your family has an autoimmune connective tissue disease. That might be a disease such as systemic lupus erythematosus or scleroderma. The same is true if you have symptoms of one of these diseases.

• The doctors strongly believe that patients with a "sweet tooth" will not do well with the Lap-BandŽ System and feels that the Bypass surgery or the Gastric Sleeve may be the better option for you. If you eat a lot of sweet foods, the doctors would prefer to do the Bypass operation. The same is true if you often drink milkshakes or other high-calorie liquids.

This is how the doctors perform the Gastric Bypass Procedure

State of the Art technology and procedures done in State of the Art facilities!  Our Doctors only use the finest  hospitals in Puerto Vallarta, ones that are state of the art, with clean, sterile, and the very best equipment available.  The operating rooms are designed specifically for bariatric surgery and the doctors make sure that they have met all of their requirements.

When you are in Puerto Vallarta and your doctor is providing you service during your medical tourism vacation, if there is an emergency you may contact the doctor, 24 hours a day via telephone or email.  Someone will be available to assist you!

You may also contact us at info@drjoya.com


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• US Passport Book Required!
Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, that you may have regarding our services. If you would like to contact us via e-mail, please forward your information to info@drjoya.com and one of our friendly staff members will contact you directly or via email within 24 hours.  We can provide you with a risk free price quote based on the information you provide.  You may also call us toll free at 866.509.0571 or 817.405.2778
At DRJOYA.com we are all well trained, and bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish.  We have been working in the Medical Tourism industry for more than 15 years.  By selecting to have your surgery with us, you not only get the best doctors in Puerto Vallarta to assist you during your surgery, you also get top notch care before surgery, where you questions are answered usually in less than 24hours, to post op where we are here for you as well.  If you don't have insurance and are looking to go overseas for weight loss surgery, then let us bring you to beautiful Puerto Vallarta.  Our staff will get you the answers to your questions and assist you with getting all of your travel preparation needs in order.  Our staff will also assist you with any other specific needs you may have.  

All of the Doctors and staff that work with our doctors speak English and are University trained.  The Hospitals are also accredited and are located  in the heart of Puerto Vallarta and accessible from every hotel.  The hotel and hospitals are about 10 minutes from the airport. 
We are completely committed to delivering quality medical care to prospective patients.  With our doctors you not only get the best doctors in Mexico for your surgery, but you also get doctors who specialize in the Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve surgery, Gastric Bypass Revision surgeries, Duodenal Switch Surgeries and doctors who have helped patients worldwide lose millions of pounds a year, and all of these treatments can be done at savings over what they cost in the US. The  hospitals in Puerto Vallarta have been approved by and work with most major American Insurance companies.

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