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Puerto Vallarta's Medical Tourism exists because of us!  We offer the best PRICES, Best Doctors and the BEST care in all of Mexico! If you are looking for a Single Entry Gastric Sleeve surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Gastric Bypass Surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Bariatric Revision surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Lapband surgery in Mexico, or a Duodenal Switch surgery in Mexico, there is no where else to go!

Here are actual patients who booked their surgeries through DRJOYA.com!

Dr Joya Bariatric Surgery

Andy B.

When I called DrJoya.com, I never imagined what the next several months would mean for me and my family. I was nervous about having surgery in Mexico. Being from the United States, my family and friends were advising me not to go. Needless to say I’m glad I did. After reading so many horror stories from people who have done this in the US, I’m thankful for all of the experience and caring hands of the doctor and his staff in PV. The hospital facility is second to none. It’s like stepping back in time to when people cared about the personal touch. If you would have told me that in 4 months after surgery I’d be down 111 pounds and almost to goal, I would have paid you any amount of money! What DrJoya.com gave me is a gift that I can never thank them enough for. I can’t wait to vacation in PV and go back and shake their hand!

Jason Upton - Olympic Torchbearer

Jason Upton had Gastric Sleeve surgery Feb. 17th of 2009 and booked his surgery in Puerto Vallarta with DRJOYA.com.
From an article in the local paper Arab Tribune from Arab Alabama.
"Jason Upton says he was treated as a hot rock star in the freezing snow of Montreal after carrying the Olympic torch 300 meters of its 27,900-mile journey across Canada en route to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

But amid the thrill of his lifetime last Thursday, the former Arab man says he realized it was not him and his very brief run the throngs of jubilant onlookers were celebrating, it was something much more.

"People gathered around me for two hours taking pictures and shaking my hand," he says in an e-mail he wrote of the experience.

Downtown traffic was backed up for what must have been miles, he says. Horns were blowing and people waving, keeping him warm in the pure amazement of the moment.

"They weren't interested in me so much, but more of the symbolism that was this experience," Upton says. "It was the sharing in the moment which they were so excited about."

The former head of the Marshall County Republican Party, Upton is the son of Doris and the late Joe Upton of Arab. Owner of six Domino's franchises in Marshall and Etowah counties, he was selected as one of only two franchisees in the United States to participate in the multi-national event.
Accompanied by his mother, son, Joseph Kalon, his finance/, Judy O'Dell, and sister, Jody, he arrived in Montreal last Wednesday and began his run day the next morning in the lobby of the hotel Queen Elizabeth, meeting with representatives of representatives Coca-Cola International, a sponsor of the Olympics.

All of the runners through the city carried the torch - actually, their own torch, given to them by Coke, along with special torchbearer running suits - for 300 meters. Upton's part of the relay was set for around 4 p.m.

About 1 p.m., he joined other torchbearers in a staging area in downtown Montreal.

There he met Hong Kong pop star Eason Chan and was inspired by his humble spirit.
He met a young local resident who had been selected to carry the torch because of his lobbying efforts to establish a system of collecting food waste for organic purposes.

In the bus, Upton rode with Liu Yan, a premier dancer in Beijing who was paralyzed during rehearsals in conjunction with the 2008 Olympics and became a symbol of inspiration globally.

"It was nothing short of deeply humbling to sit next to her in her wheelchair as she waited to carry the torch," he says. "They had built a special stand to connect to her chair in order to make it all possible.

"I was able to feel the closeness of the world like only the Olympic Games can bring," he adds.

A short, cool flash

The ground was covered with several feet of freshly packed snow. Wind chills felt like zero or lower. Yet the crowds lined up 20 deep alongside the relay route, Upton says.

He was with a caravan of 60 vehicles strong, including buses, police and Olympic Committee personnel. He describes the organization behind the event running like a well-oiled machine, with months of planning behind every detail.

At his start site, he got out and waited. Then he saw his moment approaching, a flame in the cold evening air, carried aloft by a young woman who was a volunteer for the Olympic Committee.

She lit his torch, passing on the flame that had been carried from Greece.

"We high-fived and congratulated one another as she passed the flame on to me," he says. "I was immediately off to the races."

Actually, he says, it really more of a slow jog. Even so, his 300 meters came and went in a flash.

'Like a rock star'

"As quickly as it began, I was high-fiving the next guy and passing the torch on to him for his 300-meter jog. At the moment his torch lit up they surrounded me and extinguished mine, and I was whisked on to the bus.

"I rode along in the caravan until we had picked up everyone in our group," he continues. "The cheers from the thousands of people along the road were amazing.

"The truth is it isn't until after your run that things begin to sink in as to what just happened," he says. "It is over so fast that you really don't have time to digest it."

The day was topped off with a big party downtown Montreal, which is where his bus headed as soon Upton's leg was completed.

"I arrived still in my uniform and carrying my torch - something I will cherish for as long as I live.

"Upon our arrival I was immediately covered with people asking for a picture with me and the torch. I stood for two hours taking pictures and letting people hold the torch," he says. "Honestly, the only way to describe it is to say that I was treated like a rock star."

The journey down

In addition to the Olympic hoopla, Upton's short run was the culmination of a long emotional journey down and back up again, which he says started with the death of father in 2006.

The emotions of that part of the journey came to him earlier that day as he dressed in the official Olympic uniform.

He wished his dad was there but knew he was in spirit, Upton says. He was thankful his mother was at his side, a rock he says the family relies upon for support.

Having Judy and Kalon and his sister there completed the scope of his emotions that he says ranged from sadness to happiness, from nervousness to total excitement.

He thought of the depression he fell into, of letting himself go and gaining 100 pounds.

"I thought about how much Kalon had really missed because of my state of mind and the state of my physical well-being," Upton says. "That, in turn, made realize that I had been very selfish... in depriving Kalon of building his own memories with his dad like I had enjoyed growing up."

He says he realizes some depression is a natural part of losing a parent, but he allowed his depression began to negatively impact not only his life, but the lives of those around him.

"That is when the selfishness came in to play," Upton says. "I had come to a point that my weight and my mindset had gone from a symptom of events in my life to a cause of negative effects on others."

A changed world-view

So in February he had decided it was up to him to change and think of someone other than himself. He began working out and not only taking better care of himself, but living for others, specifically, he says his family.

"It has allowed me to once again be the person my dad would want me to be and that my son and family deserve. I think about how just a few months ago I couldn't even tie my shoes without being out of breath. Now," he thought as prepared for his run, "Kalon will see me jog with the Olympic flame, a symbol of world peace and unity."

All in all, he say, it was an emotional journey that will forever be a part of his life.

"I will forever watch the games in 2010 and beyond with a different perspective. It won't be the remarkable athleticism the athletes demonstrate as much as it will remind me of this moment in time when the Olympic flame brought so many unlikely people together to build friendships for a lifetime.

"To see my family there and to be welcomed by so many people from all over Canada - and really from around the world - was just over-powering at times. It has," Upton says, "changed my view of life and the world forever."

Dr Joya Bariatric Surgery Anita
I am so happy to finally be able to write this!
Goal!!!!  I hit my goal weight today!  I was not a fast loser, but I knew I wouldn't be.  Too many years were spent yo-yo dieting and I really messed up my metabolism.  I knew the only way I was going to get healthy, and feel good was with Weight Loss Surgery!  I was terrified to have my insides re-routed, which at the time, was my only option here in Canada, unless I wanted the band...I didn't.  So, I did my research and found DrJoya.com.  My experience was nothing less than perfect.  The team, right from the first contact were wonderfully helpful, and guided me..and answered my billion questions.  My family was really afraid for me to go out of the country, so my Mother came with me to Mexico.  The team, and doctor were not only wonderful to me, but they were very accomodating to her as well!  She still to this day raves about the care I received.  One nurse for 2 patients...and the cleanliness of the hospital was amazing...I mean truely amazing!!!  I have never seen a hospital here even close to the way that hospital was kept.  My Mother and I were looked after completely once we landed in Mexico.  And the hotel...Oh, the hotel..was so beautiful.  We opted to have a beach side room after my hospital stay, and it was a wonderful way to recover.  We watched a wedding one night, and cruise ships pass everynight...and the sunsets were amazing.
Anyhow.  I had my VSG on April 17, 2008.  Today I reached my goal August 4, 2009.  I should again state that most people do lose much quicker than I did, and I wondered if I would ever really get here...but I have arrived and there is NO turning back now!  This surgery was simple...and the post op diet is easy.  I think having the ghrelin removed from the body does wonders...and I honestly don't understand why so many are opting for other surgeries, but of course that is my personal opinion.  I never feel starved like I use to.  I do still feel hunger...but it is more of a..Hey, maybe you should eat something...Not an...I'm gonna die if I don't eat soon.  I can eat about 3/4 of a cup of food at a sitting now...some days more, some days less.  And you are thinking, "how could that ever satisfy me?" I know, I used to think that too...but trust me...it is very satisfying.  I love that I am not limited on what I can eat...although I did limit my carbs to healthy choices for the first 6 months or so.  I have never been one to stick to a diet...I just love food too much...so, yes, I still indulge, but I indulge in a bite or two...not a plate or two.
My health is now excellent.  I went from being a type 2, insulin dependant diabetic, to a person that shows no signs of ever having diabetes...and that alone was worth every penny I spent.  I also used to take a lot of antidepressant medications...at present I take none.  I am not saying you will get off of them, because some of us never can..but I did.  I don't suffer anxiety like I used to.  I don't isolate myself like I used to.  My life is all about go, go, go now...my engine is reved and there is not telling what wonderful prospects my future holds.
Thank you DrJoya.com ...really, Thank you...you saved my life, and you gave me the tool to make it worth living.
Sincerely Greatful
Anita M Duff.

"I went down to PV a nervous wreck, I met with Carol the evening before my surgery to <interrogate> her... I was so bad off I went back to my room and
left my purse at her place. I called my husband later that evening
crying and telling him I must be crazy for even thinking about doing
The next morning I went to the hospital and when I got there I was
just as calm as could be, as I began to meet the people who were
going to be taking care of me the next couple of weeks, I realized I
was in good hands. the doctor was wonderful, the smile alone will put
you at ease. I can't say enough about the great care I received in
the hospital, the personal attention and assistance from all the
nurses. When you get out of the hospital the staff will be visiting
you at the hotel every day, they are very sweet. I just wanted you to know that you will be in good hands and well taken care of by DrJoya.com. Most people ask me," would you do it again"?? Yes, yes, yes.
I am now 5 months post-op and I am feeling great. I
am down 93 pounds...wow!!!" -Tess

"I am doing really good I have lost 55 lbs and feel great, this year I
went to the San Diego County Fair and I got on some rides, see last
year they said I was to big and could not go on some of them, but
this year they never said one word it felt so good. You can only
imagine how happy I was to go on those rides.................
I still drink my Lemon and water a few days a week to help me stay
cleaned out. And its funny I don't crave sweets any more, but I still
have the urge for salty things like chips and crackers." - Julie

I am 8 weeks post op today and I am down 64lbs. I have been lifting a lot of weights lately and I think that slowed my losing down. since I am trying to build muscle and muscle is actually heavier than fat (well that's what I keep
telling myself anyway). I have lost about 5 pant sizes and 2 shirt
sizes. I seem to be losing weight from the top and bottom of my body
first and it is slowly moving its way towards the center of my body,
go figure, I hold most of my bulk in the gut. I have been drinking my
water, and eating 2-3 meals a day with lots of little snacks along
the way. I eat nothing but healthy food, no carbs, fat, grease, that
kind of stuff. I drink 1 protein drink a day and all the food I eat HAS
to have at least 5g of protein. Thanks DrJoya.com!" - Frank
"I had Lapband surgery with DrJoya.com on august 14th 2003. I have lost over 100 lbs and am still dropping. It has slowed down but ill take it lol. I have done great since surgery and would do it again in a heartbeat. I have so much energy now and can do so much more than I could before my Lapband surgery. I started out at 314 pounds and i am down to 210. Looking forward to seeing under 200 pounds have not seen that in 12 yrs. I am getting ready for some plastic surgery to get rid of my tummy hangover. cant wait to see the results of that. I will be able to exercise so much easier afterward but am doing great now. Everyone in PV was so nice and the hospital staff was great too. I was very happy with the results of my surgery so far and would be willing to talk to anyone who has any questions or fears of this surgery. I am diabetic and am off all my medicine for it so that alone was worth it for me. I can keep it under control with diet and exercise now. My doctor here in the states was really worried about me having it done but now ever time I go in for a check up he is excited to see how much I have lost and asks me all kind of questions and even has referred a patient to me to tell him about my surgery. I feel like I have a second chance at life and thanks to my hard work and Dr.Joya.com  I plan to live it up lol. Again thanks so much and I hope this will help someone else on their quest for a new life." Lisa Myers

Just an update about myself since have lap bypass on 2/21/05. I had researched have the surgery in the states, but my insurance were dragging their feet, putting me off & when our new policy ..by the way, it is Aetna HMO came out in January they had written verbiage that stated no obesity surgery of any kind would be covered so I began researching other options & that is how I found DrJoya.com and weight loss surgery in Puerta Vallarta. In August my husband and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary so after much prayer we decided that I would have this surgery and hopefully become much healthier..I was on blood pressure medicine which was not working & was going to have to be upped again, as well as pre diabetic stage & no energy..feeling awful..you all know the routine. We went to Puerta Vallarta a few days early and stayed at the Krystal which is the hotel that DrJoya.com puts you in for your recovery.
It was great & had a fun time before the surgery on Monday. I was nervous, but everyone makes you feel good. They are great folks and I would do it all over again..not that I would ever want to, but I feel so much better. I have lost 72 lbs..from 233 lbs to 161 lbs. My weight loss is slowing down now & I need to start exercising now to get the last bits off and to firm up. If you are looking at DrJoya.com go for it. You will not regret it and they take good care of you. I met Karen Greenwood while I was in the hospital and she had a lap band placed the same day and she has lost 40 lbs. We have kept in touch & her husband and her came to Fort Worth this week for a Premiere Jewelry convention and we met & had dinner Wed. night..See her pictures too. My husband & I took a 25th wedding anniversay trip in early June so the pictures from Maui are 4 mos post op and the pictures with Karen are almost 5 mos post op & you can tell the difference. I have had no health issues & have not had any high blood pressure since the surgery and no food issues either. I eat small quantities, but can eat pretty much anything except soft breads & I stay away from sweets except sugar free hard candy and sugar free fudgecicles or popsicles. Any questions, email me. Do not wait..this will change your life!
Cheryl Austin
Fort Worth

"A little over 12 years ago, I went down to Puerto Vallarta Mexico to have my surgery done.
I weighed 235 kilos, or actually 540 pounds. I am 6 feet tall and basically was grotesquely obese. 
As of today I weigh 340 pounds. I am down 200 pounds I created DRJOYA.com, a Nevada Corporation dedicated to medical tourism marketing and services,  to help others achieve the results and healthy lifestyle that I have attained.   I now help others achieve the same success I have by assiting them with their medical tourism vacation in Puerto Vallarta.  No matter which doctor they choose, they will be in good hands with DrJoya.com
"Well I am 2 months post op and I am down 38 pounds. I am down just about 3 pant sizes and 1 shirt size. I am losing it slowly. I did start working out but then I had to stop because I had to have my gallbladder removed. But now I am feeling great and heading back to the gym on Monday." - Richelle
Hi Everyone, I had my surgery six months ago today and have lost 60 pounds and almost 30 inches. If surgery can ever be a positive experience, this was the top. Between being met at the airport and being guided through all the hospital checking in processes, an EKG and respiratory tests and bloodwork, meeting the doctor and nurse and before I knew it being wheeled into surgery. I remember the anesthesiologist talking to me and then saying sweet dreams. The next thing I knew I was waking up and my husband and the doctor was there. I know I asked for more pain medication and the nurses were right there to help me. The next day, I was checked out and brought to the Krystal where we had a lovely room and slept quite well. I have had virtually no discomfort since I've been home other than a little gas that makes the band feel tight but I live at a very high altitude and Gerald said that's what the cause probably was. There is no down side to that as if the band feels tight, then I won't need as many fills. We shall see. At any rate, I would recommend this to anyone with the kind of weight problem I had. The doctor and his staff are like angels at the end of a dark tunnel. Thank you so much for being there for me and to Susan Vincent, the patient who posted just before me, thank you for sharing your experience at the airport when you were going home from your surgery. It was your encouragement that allowed for me to have this experience and perhaps a new life. Thank you Susan. Pine Mountain Club, CA - - Bobbi Harner
I underwent RNY gastric bypass with DrJoya.com on April 20th, 2007 and have lost 103lbs down from my highest weight of 250lbs! I owe much gratitude to my Mom for traveling with me to PV and being my support system, my husband and children for loving me enough to let me go, The doctor for being the amazingly kind and talented surgeon that he is along with his top-notch staff. This has been a long and scary roller coaster of a ride, but I wouldn't get off for anything in the world!!! - Brooke Patten
I'm down 62 pounds and I'm 2 days away from 6 months past surgery. I feel great. - Sara Russell

weight loss surgery in Mexico J. Miller
weight loss surgery in mexico It’s been 8 months since my husband and I came to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and had gastric bypass surgery together. We were really tipping the scales and decided that having the bypass surgery would be the only way we would make it to see our sons graduate in 2020 and 2024. I started out at 328lbs and was wearing a 30-32 size shirt and 30 size pants in the plus size women’s department. I am now down 113lbs to 229lbs and can wear an 18 in pants and an XL in shirts in the ladies department. I haven’t seen that since 1997. I still have about 65lbs to go and hope to reach my goal by the 1yr anniversary. Jeff started out at 404lbs and was wearing 5X-6X shirts and 4X pants. Jeff lost 100lbs in the first 2 months and has since lost another 60lbs and is now at 244lbs. He and I loved food and still do but in very small amounts and with lots of chewing.  This life changing surgery teaches you that over-indulging is a huge no-no. You have to learn to eat all over again. It’s like being a baby and gradually making it to the adult stage and being able to eat almost everything in moderation. We both feel so much better about ourselves and are enjoying life more now than ever. Our sons love the fact that we can go outside and play with them and not get tired after five minutes. If you are thinking twice about going to Mexico and having such a major surgery done rest assure and know that DrJoya.com and amazing staff take the upmost care of their patients and answer any questions you may have prior to and after your surgery.  We have even had a very close friend go to Puerto Vallarta for the same surgery and she too absolutely loved everything about DrJoya.com and PV. Again, we absolutely love DrJoya.com, the doctor and his staff and our new outlook on life!!!
Brandie and Jeff Farmer

I'm a 47-year-old woman (that's me in the foreground of the picture) who had gastric bypass with DrJoya.com on January 9, 2009. I couldn't be happier with the results and I've kept the weight off, with rave reviews that I look (and certainly feel!) years younger!!  Kathy W.
State of the Art technology and procedures done in State of the Art facilities!  Our Doctors only use the finest  hospitals in Puerto Vallarta, ones that are state of the art, with clean, sterile, and the very best equipment available.  The operating rooms are designed specifically for bariatric surgery and the doctors make sure that they have met all of their requirements.

When you are in Puerto Vallarta and your doctor is providing you service during your medical tourism vacation, if there is an emergency you may contact the doctor, 24 hours a day via telephone or email.  Someone will be available to assist you!

You may also contact us at info@drjoya.com


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Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, that you may have regarding our services. If you would like to contact us via e-mail, please forward your information to info@drjoya.com and one of our friendly staff members will contact you directly or via email within 24 hours.  We can provide you with a risk free price quote based on the information you provide.  You may also call us toll free at 866.509.0571 or 817.405.2778
At DRJOYA.com we are all well trained, and bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish.  We have been working in the Medical Tourism industry for more than 15 years.  By selecting to have your surgery with us, you not only get the best doctors in Puerto Vallarta to assist you during your surgery, you also get top notch care before surgery, where you questions are answered usually in less than 24hours, to post op where we are here for you as well.  If you don't have insurance and are looking to go overseas for weight loss surgery, then let us bring you to beautiful Puerto Vallarta.  Our staff will get you the answers to your questions and assist you with getting all of your travel preparation needs in order.  Our staff will also assist you with any other specific needs you may have.  

All of the Doctors and staff that work with our doctors speak English and are University trained.  The Hospitals are also accredited and are located  in the heart of Puerto Vallarta and accessible from every hotel.  The hotel and hospitals are about 10 minutes from the airport.      
We are completely committed to delivering quality medical care to prospective patients.  With our doctors you not only get the best doctors in Mexico for your surgery, but you also get doctors who specialize in the Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve surgery, Gastric Bypass Revision surgeries, Duodenal Switch Surgeries and doctors who have helped patients worldwide lose millions of pounds a year, and all of these treatments can be done at savings over what they cost in the US. The  hospitals in Puerto Vallarta have been approved by and work with most major American Insurance companies.

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